Real Name: Yulo Balyente

Height: 6′

Age: 26

ABILITIES: super strength, super speed, invulnerability, flight, and power blast

Yulo is a progidy at the recently concluded 2019 SEA Games. Though being a first timer, he participated in three different events and set a record for winning the greatest number of gold medals. Despite all these, he remained humble and generous. During the awarding, something mysterious happened. Yulo received a mystical gold medal that allows him to transform into the superhero, Kampeon.

In order to transform, he traces a circle in the air using his five fingers by twisting his hand. The circle traced produces a radiant ring whose inside is black. He enters his hand on the ring and pulls out the medal (with a red lace) as if pulling it from another dimension. He then wears the medal and shouts, “AKO ANG KAMPEON!” During the transformation, the medal and its lace become part of the costume.

In order to shoot his power blast, he has to trace again a circle in the air. Then he poses his palm right after the radiant ring. The medal on his chest glows and a glowing line connects the medal to the little circles at the tip of his fingers. As soon as the five circles in his fingers glow, a powerful energy beams out of the ring. He draws the energy for his power blast from the mystical dimension.


A long time ago, twelve South East Asian nations were united as one kingdom called Maharlika. But things changed after the most dominant nation coveted power over the entire kingdom.

The SEA Games was created for the purpose of uniting the eleven SEA nations and to hold an annual sports competition in order to find the true Kampeon worthy to be granted the powers through a medal.

The symbol in the medal is the Baybayin letter “ka”.

In the 2019 SEA Games, the eleven Elders debated whether a worthy champion is already found. They were divided as to their opinion of the worthiness of Yulo. But since the situation is already urgent and the twelf (tyranical) country, China, is already in the move, they finally agreed to a conditional bestowing of the medal on Yulo. The condition is that the medal will be taken back if a person more worthy will arise.


Kampyon’s strength is the sum total of the combined strength, speed, and versatility of all athletics in the world from the very beginning the value of sportsmanship came to the consciousness of men and pursued as a virtue through athletic competition. The power of the medallion draws from this. So long as men and women aspire for athletic greatness through training, self mastery, and discipline, the medal will continue to power Kampyon.


Kampyon is an original character created by Redentor de la Rosa.

Copyright 2019, 2020. All rights reserved.

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