Lieutenant J

Real Name: Lt. Lady Justice
Height: 5′ 7′
Age: 27

A sexy and beautiful police woman who transforms into a powerful superheroine. In order to transform, she has to wear her magical handcuffs and then breaks the pair apart while shouting, “JUSTICE UNBIND!” The chains lengthen and wrap around her wrists. She can use them to deflect bullets or enemies’ attacks.

POWERS: super strength, super speed, flight, enhanced empathy

Empathy: She can sense heightened emotions especially distress from a distance of 10 km. Once she senses the emotion, she can concentrate on its source and re-construct the image and identify whether it comes from a human male, female, adult or child. She can even identify the person if she/he is a former acquaintance. She can also sense other emotions, such as anger and killing motive but her range is more limited.

Healing factor: If injured, her cuffs allow her body to heal with accelerated speed.

Without her cuffs, she still has her superstrength, speed, durability, and enhanced empathy but she can’t fly or fire energy and her defences are lower.

She can project energy in the form of a handcuff. The chain (can lengthen up to 50 m) and the cuff (can grow bigger to fit the size of the enemy) are made of pure energy emanating from the cuffs on her wrist.

In order to use her special attack, she has to toss the energy cuff to catch the enemy. She then connects the chains in her wrists, snaps them again, and the cuff explodes. Connecting the chains and snapping them, therefore, acts like a fuse detonating the energy cuff.

For maximum damage, she has to catch the enemy with the two energy handcuffs projected from her hands respectively. The two exploding as one will cause 10x more powerful blast than a single cuff.

The blast yield can also be raised up to 100x if charged sufficiently. This would take time though. But the two cuffs binding the enemy normally are enough to give the time needed for the charging.

Lieutenant J is an original character created by Redentor de la Rosa.

Copyright 2019, 2020. All rights reserved.

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