Costume design by Art of Smudge.

Real Name: Oliver Neil Flores

Height: 5′ 10″

Age: 17

Oliver is the son of a wealthy businessman. His mother is a physicist with two Ph. D. degrees, namely, in nano-technology and nuclear chemistry. He has no superpowers, but because of his Niphilim blood, he has abilities that are above the normal:

  • He is a stand out genius in terms of intellect and dexterity.
  • His body matures as normal humans do but when it reaches its peak (about 33 years old), his body ages slowly. His ancestors actually reached 140 – 180 years old.
  • His body has superior degree of absorbing vitamins and minerals so that he quickly heals by intaking the right food and medication.
  • Finally, unlike the ordinary human body which reaches a limit to learning skills, his body doesn’t stop developing and learning skills so that if he continue practicing, his skill level continues to increase. However, the level of this skill still doesn’t amount to a superhuman power even if it is beyond normal.

In school, he excelled at almost all sports. He is a taekwondo, swimming, and darts champion. Above all, he loves to play holens (marbles). As a young kid, he was fascinated with those little colorful spherical marbles and developed the skill of transferring a holen from one finger to another the way magicians do with coins.

Aware of the threat from dubious individuals to their family and seeing the exceptional talent of Olen, his mother created him a powerful nano-tech suit that enhanced Olen’s strength. Initially, his suit was powered by atomic energy but later by hell-fire technologically harnessed by his mother.

His suit is made out of carbon nanotube fibers – the strongest material on Earth and is also extremely lightweight. On his lower arms are cartridges where he stores marbles. The cartridges drop marbles to his palms. With his suit, he can flick marbles using his thumbs at a maximum range of 4,600 meters. These can attain a velocity higher than that of bullets. He is extremely dextrous and accurate when shooting marbles.

He has plain marbles, marbles with spikes that protrude upon release from his fingers, explosive marbles, tracking marbles, camera marbles, and smoke marbles. He stores his extra marbles on his belt.

Finally, he has grappling devices in each of his lower arms. 1 mm thick carbon nanotube cables are wound in the cartridges respectively. Attached on the end of the cables are marbles with spikes that protrude after the marbles embed on the wall. These marbles are Bluetooth enabled so that he can remotely turn off the spikes allowing them to be released from the walls. With his grappling devices, Olen can swing from one building to another.

Olen, using his grappling devices. Note: Olen is not a rip-off of Spiderman. He’s just too clever that he’s able to invent the best grappling device ever – allowing him to swing from one building to another. (Background image credits to Luca Bucken @ Unsplash.)

Most of the time, Olen is wearing a thinner inner suit covered with his jacket and jeans. All are made of carbon nanotubes, including his shoes, so that his body is completely bullet-proofed. Carbon nanotubes are so light that all he wears are only as heavy as a single leather jacket.


Olen is an original character created by Redentor de la Rosa.

Copyright 2018, 2019, 2020. All rights reserved.

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