Royal Blue

Real Name: Smash Dash
Height: 7′ 11″
Age: 10 as Smash, 35 as Royal Blue

Smash, half Filipino and half American, rides a tractor tire. He can spin the tire by his mere will while standing on top of it. When he encounters a foe, he merges with the tire, transforming into his alter ego, Royal Blue.

When the rubber tire covers his entire body, it increases his strength and resistance verging on the ultimate. But even before transformation, Smash is quite strong already. During power-up, he can modify the rubber material into its hardest state, making his color shiny black, his hair royal blue, and eyes glow.

Healing factor: If he is damaged, he can heal by simply absorbing more tires.

Size changing: He can grow bigger and stronger. When transformed, he may age physically but his personality doesn’t change. He loves to jokingly tease people especially his enemies by frightening them with his appearance since he can also change his face into an ugly monster.

Smash’ third form (Royal Blue’s first/raw form). This happens after Smash learned to merge with a tire. His height here is 8′ 9″. There is a mistake in the drawing since he should be barefooted.


Smash has seven level transformations. The first two are still in Smash form. Even before transformation, Smash is already strong since his body was permanently altered after he obtained his power. Third to seventh are Royal Blue forms. In his seventh (final form), his whole body’s color turns into shiny black-blue like this:

“That’s the reason why they call me Royal Blue.”


Smash sees the whole world as his playground. He seems unable to distinguish a fight from play. This was already his original personality but was higthened by the power that alters the physical properties of his heart. The source of his power fused with his heart and this explains why it becomes impossible to change his personality and his dominant feelings. His heart is literally glowing.

Because of this, he’s not always reliable in the battlefield. The fiercer the enemy is or the more destructive the fight becomes, the more he gets excited. And the more he is excited, the more his strength manifests. The stronger he becomes, the more he sees everything as mere play.

There are two ways to defeat Royal Blue. One is to get him bored and the other is to distract him with something that excites him more.


Royal Blue and Smash Dash are original characters created by Redentor de la Rosa.

Copyright 2019, 2020. All rights reserved.

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