Si Ato

Name: Ato

Height: 5′ 9″

Ato wields two indestructible wooden (siato/siatong) sticks. They were originally Moses staff. The first stick is 7 inches long. But it can increase up to 30 inches, which is the length of the other stick, so that the two can be used as Arnis (Escrima) weapon. They can also be connected together to form a single longer stick. When struck by the longer stick, the shorter stick acts as an energized projectile destroying enemies in its path. Ato can control at will the path of the shorter stick, make it rotate, or return to him.

The sticks allow limited flight to Ato. He does this by striking the shorter stick to the sky and pulling himself up towards the airborne stick.

Ato is the main hero in the comics we’re creating.


He can energize the stick to extremely high level by spinning – creating his alpha (right spin) and or omega-tirabung attack (left spin). The first shreds an enemy’s body, transforming it into energy and is spread throughout the environment, causing plants to rapidly grow, flowers bloom, and wounded animals heal. The second, forbidden from use against any rational being, acts like a black hole that absorbs everything in its path.

He can also summon sixty nine shadow short sticks to fire his seventy-rounds gatling-tirabung.

This drawing is traced from a pre-existing image the site address of which the author can’t remember anymore.

Ato is an original character created by Redentor de la Rosa.

Copyright 2018, 2019, 2020. All rights reserved.

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