Real Name: Arya Height: 5′ 7″ Age: Badjao boy who discovered Dagadon, the whale of Jonah. He can’t communicate with sea animals and can’t control water but can control the interaction of water molecules with fish bones or anything with calcium such as shells. He, thus, can also change the pressure that water exerts onContinue reading “Arya”


Real Name: Yulo Balyente Height: 6′ Age: 26 ABILITIES: super strength, super speed, invulnerability, flight, and power blast Yulo is a progidy at the recently concluded 2019 SEA Games. Though being a first timer, he participated in three different events and set a record for winning the greatest number of gold medals. Despite all these,Continue reading “Kampyon”

Lieutenant J

Real Name: Lt. Lady JusticeHeight: 5′ 7′Age: 27 A sexy and beautiful police woman who transforms into a powerful superheroine. In order to transform, she has to wear her magical handcuffs and then breaks the pair apart while shouting, “JUSTICE UNBIND!” The chains lengthen and wrap around her wrists. She can use them to deflect bullets or enemies’Continue reading “Lieutenant J”


Real Name: Oliver Neil Flores Height: 5′ 10″ Age: 17 Oliver is the son of a wealthy businessman. His mother is a physicist with two Ph. D. degrees, namely, in nano-technology and nuclear chemistry. He has no superpowers, but because of his Niphilim blood, he has abilities that are above the normal: He is aContinue reading “Olen”

Si Ato

Name: Ato Height: 5′ 9″ Ato wields two indestructible wooden (siato/siatong) sticks. They were originally Moses staff. The first stick is 7 inches long. But it can increase up to 30 inches, which is the length of the other stick, so that the two can be used as Arnis (Escrima) weapon. They can also beContinue reading “Si Ato”