FINALLY, we have Pinoy superheroes that we can proudly call as TRULY ORIGINAL!


This site was created with the primary aim of showcasing and promoting original superhero characters created by Filipino artists and writers.

What is an original superhero character?


We accept submissions of characters. We’ll evaluate each character submitted and if we deem it original, your character will have a special spot here.

Submit your character to itsreden@gmail.com with:

  • A minimum of two drawings.
  • Description of powers, abilities, and or weapons. Briefly explain what makes your character unique or original.
  • Two or three existing superhero characters that you think closely resemble yours.


We have two ongoing projects:

  1. The Si Ato novel.
  2. The Si Ato comics/manga.
  3. Some brief promotional animations for the characters.

Please consider supporting us financially. All your donations will all go to the artists and animators we hire.

For donations or business proposals, contact R. de la Rosa: itsreden@gmail.com

What People Say

That’s actually pretty cool! This could be a video game character. Or a real, actual, original superhero.

P R Mutuc

Galing talaga, Sir idol!

J. Jhojo

Super cool concept and design!

D. Lee

You nailed it!

J. Wong

Let’s build something together.

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